Breakfast Menu

ALL BREAKFAST PLATES: Choice of house potatoes, hash browns or grits. Side of fruit add $2.

Choice of toast: Sour dough, whole wheat, marble rye. Cinnamon toast add $1. Don't forget to order coffee.


Traditional Breakfast Plate          $6
Two eggs cooked your way, choice of house potatoes, hash browns, or grits, and choice of toast

Biscuits & Gravy Plate         $9
Served with two eggs cooked your way with a choice of house potatoes, hash browns or grits

Supreme Plate          $8
Choice of sausage, bacon, ham, turkey bacon, house potatoes, hash brown or grits and a choice of toast

2-2-2          $9

Two eggs, two meats of your choice, two pancakes or French toast.   (1-1-1- for $2 less)

Corned Beef Hash Plate          $11
Homemade hash with caramelized onions and dijon mustard. Served with two eggs your way

Steak & Eggs Plate         $12
8oz. steak served with two eggs, choice of house potatoes, hash browns or grits and a choice of toast

Healthy Choice

Mama's Cocktail          $8
A healthy parfait with layers of low-fat yogurt, homemade granola and fresh fruit

Oatmeal Supreme         $8
Topped with homemade granola, mixed berry compote and fresh fruit. Served with a biscuit or choice of toast

Veggie Quiche          $9
Spinach, roasted red pepper, artichoke, red onion, Monterey jack and parmesan cheese. Choice of house potatoes, hash browns or grits

Chia Pudding          $9
Creamy coconut milk topped with granola and fresh fruit

Avocado Toast         $11
Hardy whole wheat topped with vegan mayo, avocado, spring mix and two eggs cooked your way, served with sliced tomatoes

Lox Plate          $13
Smoked lox, (salmon), tomatoes, red onion slices, capers and creamed cheese with your choice of bagel

Quinoa Bowl        $8
Quinoa topped with roasted vegetable medley, portabello mushrooms, caramelized onions and herbs and can be made with your choice of meat. Topped with a fresh farm egg

Chicken $4  |  Shrimp  $6  |  Bacon  $2  | Ham  $2  |  Sausage  $2


ALL OMELETS: Served with a choice of house potatoes, hash browns or grits and Toast


Mama's Garden Omelet          $10

Sauteed mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, fresh spinach and cheddar cheese

Harbor Master Omelet          Market Price

Monterey jack cheese, sauteed New England lobster and shrimp topped with homemade hollandaise sauce

The Greek Omelet          $10
Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, fresh spinach and tomato

Meat Lover's Omelet          $11

Ham, applewood smoked bacon, sausage and cheddar cheese

Western Omelet          $9

Cheddar cheese, ham, green peppers and onions

Turkey Florentine Omelet          $10

Oven roasted turkey, fresh spinach, tomatoes and cheddar cheese

Tio Juan's Omelet          $10
Monterey jack cheese, sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms, salsa, and sour cream

Build Your Own Omelet        $7
Swiss cheese, feta, provolone, Monterey jack, goat cheese, crumbled blue cheese, white cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, kalamata olives, salsa and sour cream  Add $1

Half Avocado  Add $2  |  Full Avocado  Add  $3

Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Turkey or Turkey Bacon  Add  $2

Substitute Egg Whites for $1 up charge

Pancake Parlor & Griddle

Our buttermilk pancakes and crepes are always made from scratch, never a mix!

All pancakes come 3 to an order or short stack, $1 less  |  Single cake  $2 less

Plain Ol' Cakes    $7

Chocolate Chip Cakes    $8

Blueberry Cakes        $9

Cranberry & Walnut Cakes        $9

French Toast        $7
Texas style with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon

Stuffed Toast      $9

With cream cheeses and a mixed berry compote

Tropical Toast        $9

Pineapple, sliced banana and toasted coconut


Made from our own recipe * Real maple syrup  Add $2

Waffle        $6
Served with butter and syrup

Waffle N' Eggs        $10
Served with 2 eggs cooked your way, with choice of bacon, ham or sausage

Berry Waffle        $9
Mixed berry compote, fresh fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar

Pecan Waffle        $9

Belgian waffle with pecans on the side, topped with fresh whipped cream and crumbled pecans

Savory Crepes

Our crepes are served with a Mornay sauce on top

Veggies Crepes       $10
Spinach, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes

Berry Crepes      $8
Stuffed with mixed berry compote and cream cheese

Florentine Crepes        $11
Oven roasted turkey, fresh spinach and tomatoes

Harborside Crepes        Market Price
Sauteed New England lobster and shrimp, with pineapple and mango


Choice of house potatoes, hash browns or grits


Classic Benny        $10
With grilled ham and applewood bacon

Florentine Benny        $11

Oven roasted turkey, fresh spinach and tomatoes

Crab Benny        $11
Crab cakes, sliced tomato and asparagus

Veggie Benny        $11
Mushrooms, spinach, onions, peppers, and fried green tomatoes

Lox Benny        $13

Smoked lox, diced tomatoes, red onions and capers

Harbor Benny        Market Price

Sauteed New England lobster and shrimp

Irish Benny        $12

Homemade corned beef has with sauteed mushrooms and onions, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce

Breakfast Sandwiches

Choice of house potatoes, hash browns or grits

Breakfast Wrap        $10
Scrambled eggs, sausage, green peppers, onions, tomatoes and Monterey Jack cheese in a flour tortilla, served with a side of salsa

Egg Sandwich        $9
Choice of bread, English muffin or croissant. Scrambled eggs, provolone cheese, choice of ham, bacon or sausage


Turkey Bacon    $4


Sausage    $4

Ham    $4

Corn Beef Hash    $7

Apple Wood Bacon    $4

House Potatoes    $3

Hash Browns    $4

Grits    $4

Cup of Oatmeal    $4

Bowl of Oatmeal    $7

Fried Green Tomatoes    $6

Large Homemade Chips    $5

Small Homemade Chips    $3

French Fries    $3

Full Avocado    $3

Half Avocado    $2

Sliced Tomatoes    $3

Cup of Fruit    $4

Bowl of Fruit    $6

Croissant    $3

English Muffin    $2

Biscuit    $2

Toast    $2

choice of sour dough, wheat marble rye


Bagel with Creamed Cheese    $3

choice of plain, or everything bagel

Cinnamon Raisin Toast    $3

Tropical Slaw    $3

Potato Salad    $3

Side of Creamed Cheese    $1

Side of Mornay    $3

Sausage Gravy    $3

Homemade Hollandaise    $3


WELCOME to Our Breakfast Restaurant!

How about some pancakes?